Multimedia Engineering
  Editing and Compression

Multimedia Engineering can edit and compress (pre-master) your digital media content for mastering on CD-ROM, DVD or The World Wide Web. Most major formats and bandwidth requirements are supported. Some of the considerations to be entertained before taking your project to deliverable media is quality, packaging, compatibility and reliability.

The technical parameters involved in making any video and/or audio content ready for mastering or web publishing is in a constant state of evolution. Being on the cutting edge is not always the best choice, depending of course on who the target for the project is. Multimedia Engineering can work with you in any capacity you are comfortable with, consulting with your content creators before and during the authoring process but remaining out of the way most of the time. Or you can throw your video tapes and photo CD's in a shopping bag and send them to us.

The repurposeing of existing rich media content can be quite time consuming. If you are short of in house staff to baby sit the process of encoding older analog video and audio to digital media and applying the desired compression to suit your needs, contact us.