Multimedia Engineering
  Chief Leschi Video

    Baseband Multimedia Retrieval


  • Classroom Receiver/Control Panel: This device is multi functional. First, it accepts the composite signal being delivered to it from the transmitter in the Headend dedicated to that classroom. The receiver separates the video and audio signals (demodulates) and delivers them to the classroom monitor in their component form. The classroom receiver also accepts video and audio component input from any local source which can be displayed on the monitor instead of content coming from the Headend. The receiver/control panel also provides a means through which the volume and power functions of the classroom monitor can be controlled by the infra red remote or classroom PC.


  • Classroom Monitor: The large screen high resolution monitor accepts input from the classroom receiver/control panel and commands from the universal remote control. It can also provide component video and audio feeds to the classroom PC equipped with the necessary video and audio inputs.


  • Remote Control: Each classroom is equipped with a hand held infra red transmitter that provides instantaneous control over assigned source equipment or any available channel in the Headend and control of the classroom monitor power, volume, closed captioning and auxiliary functions. The video distribution system allows for any remote to work in any classroom, helpful if one is misplaced or contains a dead battery.