Multimedia Engineering
  Chief Leschi Video

    Multimedia PC Controlled

    Retrieval and Videoconferencing

  • Classroom PC: The Chief Leschi Local Area Network provides classroom PC's the means to communicate with the Media Management PC located in the Headend, and in turn not only schedule content and reserve source equipment, but also control source equipment instantaneously, precisely like the hand held infra red remote control transmitter does. The video distribution system software, in fact, provides an on screen graphic image that looks like the remote control, so no additional learning is required and switching from hand held remote to classroom PC is transparent and effortless.


  • Media Manager PC: The media manager PC lives in the Headend, and can be considered both as a client and a server. It is a client to the System Supervisor, which controls the routing switch. It is a server of the scheduling software to the Chief Leschi Local Area Network and all authorized PC's on the LAN can access it as well as control the source equipment that has been scheduled for use by that classroom.