Multimedia Engineering
  Chief Leschi Video


    School Wide Videoconferencing


  • Return Video Switcher: Located in the Headend, the return switcher provides the means through which any classroom can provide multimedia content to the system (i.e. the classroom becomes a "source"). The infrastructure, by design, provides a dedicated path from every classroom back to the headend, where the return video/audio becomes an input to the return video switcher. The switcher, similar to the routing switcher, is of wideband design, allowing it to pass the entire video/audio composite through one crosspoint. The return video switcher has 6 outputs, which are in turn connected as sources to the routing switcher (specifically, each output is fed to a return video receiver and then to a multiplexer, both of which have been omitted from the diagram for simplicity) as 6 unique inputs, so that as many as 6 classrooms can be available on the system simultaneously for video teleconferencing or distribution to other classrooms (shared learning), other schools (distance learning), archiving, or the Chief Leschi Television Studios as program content.