Multimedia Engineering
  Chief Leschi Video


    Head End Source Control

  • Source (Type A): Consisting principally of video cassette recorders (VCR), laser disc players (LDP), still video players (MVR), 35 millimeter slide digitizer (TRV)and compact disc-interactive players (CDI), a "type I" (arbitrary designation) is any source that is supplied from it's manufacturer with an infra red remote control. Generally, these are the same kinds of equipment found in consumer applications.


  • Source (Type B): Sources such as the digital video server (a PC with humongous hard drives, sufficient to store hours of full motion video as well as graphics, audio and text) and the Chief Leschi TVRO earth station antenna controller/receiver (TeleVision Receive Only) are supplied from the manufacturer with the capability to be controlled by a direct digital stream of commands (RS-232) through a direct connection to the video distribution system supervisor.


  • Source (Type C): Those sources that either do not require classroom control, or are controlled exclusively over the LAN or manually are "type C" sources. These include, but are not limited to, the output from the Chief Leschi Television studios, various menu channels, CD-ROM content from LAN controlled PC's located in the Headend, return video from another classroom and the system wide all call or news channels.


  • Source (Local) Any classroom desiring to provide video back to the Headend for video teleconferencing, schoolwide distribution or distance learning applications or alternatively to simply display within that classroom multimedia content of local origin can realize this option through the local input interconnect panels available at the wall plates located in every classroom in the general vicinity of the teacher's desk. Local component sources (video/audio) such as a VCR, video camera, microphones and the like can be connected to the local component jacks for local viewing (selecting local option on the classroom control panel) or can be connected to the portable transmitter for use in video teleconferencing or similar distribution applications.