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Professional Summary
Broadcast Media Technology Project Management

• Bachelors-level Engineer (BSEE) with extensive Broadcast experience in Operations, Production, Engineering and Project Planning, Budgeting and Management. Additional experience in Multimedia Technology and New Media applications.

• Systems Project Planning and Installation
• Analog and Digital
• Video Audio Data
• AM-FM-TV Experience
• Compliance and Compatibility Research
• Troubleshooting
• System Integration and Machine Controls
• Rich Media Networking
• System Performance Testing
• Redundancy Planning
• FCC & FAA Rules
• Terrestrial and Satellite Microwave Systems
• Documentation & Training
• Baseband & Digital Routing and Distribution

• Ten years experience cultivating professional relationships that resulted in $16 million in funding availability for a bandwidth venture including extensive work with partners, multiple professional counsel and engineers.

• Experience installing, testing and documenting a multi-building 100 chair educational campus with video distribution and conferencing capability.

• Ten years experience at a major network affiliate TV station heavily involved in three transition projects including converting network terrestrial delivery to satellite delivery, upgrading program audio chain to BTSC (analog stereo) and managing information system growth in the business departments of the station.



Professional Experience:

Multimedia Engineering, Portland, Oregon:

• Performed 60 market bandwidth feasibility studies for new NCE (non-commercial/educational) FM broadcast service. Each study included one or more compliant locations for station transmitting location, available towers in the proposed area for possible colocation, power and radiation studies and anticipated coverage maps. Prepared 40 applications to tender to the F.C.C. for various clients including the aforementioned studies plus preparing Fair Distribution studies, FAA clearance studies, preparing a capital budget for construction and aiding clients in obtaining commitment letters from tower owners or land owners, an F.C.C. requirement.

• Working in conjunction with The Indata Group, Inc. Olympia, WA. I met with principals of The Chief Leschi School District to provide plans for their Bureau Of Indian Affairs funded K-12 multiple building school campus in Puyallup, WA. Indata was to provide video/audio to the desktop in 80 rooms using then state of the art video over CAT-5 twisted pair technology including videoconferencing capability, data network integration for scheduling and automation control, 50 x 100 baseband router configuration, head end design, redundancy options and managing installation and testing. I also generated technical documentation and operational documentation for training. I provided leadership to our installation team and input to other subcontractors on short term issues concerning installing the massive infrastructure and satellite/cable interfacing as well as system integration software to support this massive project.

• I authored a 10 year long term multimedia expansion and growth plan utilizing existing infrastructure and future buildings for Our Savior Lutheran Church, Lake Oswego, OR. including review and verification of as-built architects drawings of existing infrastructure and generation of a short term needs budget. Met with church administration to discuss the plans benefits and limitations, insurance and safety issues, redundancy options and the impact of future technologies on the plan.

• Installed and deployed a CAD/CAM network connecting design chairs with factory milling and shaping machines for Centerpointe Millwork, Portland, OR. maintenance of the network.

• I performed a hardware/software compatibility study of several products made by VXI Corporation, Rollinsford, N.H. for their industrial call center USB headset division with the then current Apple OS progression. Involved conferencing with their engineering department on numerous occasions and documenting tests on various hardware/OS versions of Apple products.

•On behalf Resident Lending Group, Salem, OR. I created a capital budget for acquisition of needed equipment and software, designed, assembled and tested a pro analog/digital audio production and delivery studio for their internet presence.

Trans-Columbia Communications, Vancouver, WA.

• I authored and co-directed the prosecution of a commercial FM Broadcast Application in pursuit of a new FCC allocation for Vancouver, WA. Includes preparing engineering and administrative exhibits for FCC application forms, obtaining and working with local and communications counsel in Washington, D.C., determining a proposed antenna site within zoning restrictions, authoring an environmental impact study, evaluating 27 competitive applications, planning a litigation strategy, preparing necessary amendments and filing all necessary local jurisdiction notifications. I also prepared and gave depositions, testified at the hearing at the FCC in Washington, D.C., resolved issues with FAA compliance and state and local zoning and negotiated with partners for a settlement of the docket when the Congress passed new rules in 1996 resulting in the termination of our 10 year comparative hearing

•I also co-authored a detailed marketing study and 5 year business plan with short term capital construction budget and long term operating budget for a broadcast start up in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area including detailed revenue forecasts. On numerous occasions I presented this plan to various interested potential funding sources and partners.

KATU-TV, Portland, OR.

•At KATU my responsibilities included radio frequency (RF) equipment: Installation, maintenance, repair and operation of transmitting and receiving equipment at MF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF frequencies including TV high power broadcast transmitters, computer controlled C-Band and Ku-band microwave satellite uplink antennae and transmitters and downlink receivers, studio-transmitter and transmitter-studio microwave links, mobile microwave equipment, ENG (electronic news gathering) and SNG (satellite news gathering) microwave mobile equipment, two-way communications radio repeaters, base stations and portables, wireless microphones, and other miscellaneous electronic and electrical equipment.
• Other responsibilities include but are not limited to studio video/audio/computer equipment installation, maintenance, repair and operation of analog and digital video/audio recording and processing equipment, CGI (computer generated imagery) graphics and weather systems, baseband and broadband computer controlled routers, machine/remote controls and monitoring systems, custom interface design (system integration), fabrication and debugging, operator training, LAN deployment, workstation and server configuration, PC/Mac maintenance and repair and satellite uplink operations including working extensively with satellite brokers, end users, ABC network, CBS network, other local TV stations, weather networks, etc. to co-ordinate satellite transponder availability (especially during breaking news situations) and to operate the uplink earth stations. Authored procedural manual for remote operation of several systems located at the transmitter site for operator instruction. Generated technical documentation for several systems at both the transmitter site and studio location.

As a Chief Engineer/Engineering Manager/Staff Engineer at KMJK-FM, Lake Oswego, OR., KVAN-AM, Vancouver, WA., KUPL-FM & AM, Portland, Or., WSAN-AM, Allentown, PA.
• I was primarily responsible for maintenance and repair of the main transmitters, studio-transmitter microwave links, two way radios and studio programming and production equipment. I also was responsible for FCC compliance (maintaining logs, operator licenses) as well as operator training on transmitter operation, EBS compliance (Emergency Broadcast System, since updated to the Emergency Alert System EAS), creation of and execution of a maintenance and technical operation budget, attending management staff meetings and assisting in the promotion of the station by planning equipment needs for promotional events including set up, operation and coordination with event leadership. I also located a site that met requirements and was available, then authored an FCC application for a low power translator to provide coverage in an area of poor reception including specifying and installing the necessary equipment.


• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 1973
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.

Additional Training and Certifications:

• Certificate Of Professional Development in Multimedia Projects and Management
Portland State University, Portland, OR. 2000
• Certificate Of Completion: HDTV (High Definition Television) Deployment
Ennes Educational Foundation Trust Workshops 1995
• Certificate Of Completion: Fiber Optic Networks
The Light Brigade, Kent, WA. 1997
• Introduction to Networking
University Of Oregon, Eugene, OR (Portland Campus) 1996
• Commercial ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Networks: Evolution and Deployment
Fore Systems, Pittsburgh, PA. 1997
• General Class Certificate (Lifetime) #PG-13-7929
Federal Communications Commission
• Apple Certified Professional Advanced Video Editing, Compositing and Compression 2006

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