Multimedia Engineering
  System Integration

The integration of systems and networks in the analog and digital domains is not confined to archiving and automation systems delivering rich media. They exist in production and broadcast environments where analog rich media is still in use. Integrating digital networks is far more straightforward, and the speed and affordability of routers brought about by the explosion of the internet makes that a task in packet management and internet protocol. In any event, making systems from different manufacturers "talk" the same language can be an impossible task.

If you find yourself with an audio system and wish to make it work with another audio or video system, putting an adapter on the end of the cable is probably not enough. You can't hook digital to analog even if the connnector is the same. You can't always use the same infrastructure (wiring) when switching from analog to digital. Many digital devices may use the same connector and wiring, but won't recognize each other without software reconfiguration. If this is not the kind of challenge you wish to deal with, contact us.

Insofar as the compatibility of various rich media retrieval and automated systems, there is a level of proprietary fuzz that accompanies the true technical requirements of these systems, especially with respect to the "stuff in" and "stuff out" ports and machine control issues. Manufactureres do this intentionally, in hopes of roping you into an entire suite of their products that "are made to work well with each other." Sometimes it is true. If you have an integration problem or need, be sure to give us a call. Black boxes and other mystery interfaces are part of what we do. No project is too small, although some projects are so big that the most efficient solution is throwing one system out altogether. Can you handle the truth?