Multimedia Engineering
  Troubleshooting and Repair

It is not uncommon to discover that the money you spent on the system you wanted and assembled is all spent, and the system doesn't perform to expectation. Or, the prototype of your website, DVD or other software project just isn't performing the way you envisioned, and you don't have the time nor expertise to figure out whether you did not thoroughly examine the design or the blasted thing is not constructed to the design specifications, Multimedia Engineering can investigate and determine exactly what the discrepancies are. We can also give our best estimate of exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem. Getting your money back from another firm for failure to comply with any agreement you entered into with them is not something we do, however.

Hardware and software change rapidly, and it is unusual in any industry for a company to be able to upgrade it's technology equipment as soon as the manufacturer's would like. If you don't maintain your systems, they start to wear out. This applies to software as well as hardware. Standards change or emerge overnight. There are so many niche nuances in the rich media game, it is quite a challenge to keep track of it all. Half of the battle is just being able to specify what is not working right, and why.

(Note: I wrote this page almost a decade ago, and I am just completing an extensive rewrite of this site. Other than correcting a small grammar error, I continue to stand by the words on this page. A lot has happened in the span between, but there is never going to be a substitute for good design, careful construction and complete testing. ~A.B..)