Multimedia Engineering
  Tuning and Proof

If you have the right stuff, but it is not connected up right or it is misconfigured chances are it will never deliver the performance you envisioned. It is not unusual for a perfectly good design to fail to operate correctly, initially. Software misconfiguration rivals hardware misconnection for most likely to prevent you from reaching your goal. If your system is just not doing what it's supposed to, it may not be a design flaw. Sometimes someone from the outside can be your best choice to evaluate the process and shake out the bugs. Depending on your needs, Multimedia Engineering can fully evaluate and analyze your system or project, and make the necessary recommendations and help you implement the corrections.

Our recommendations are not driven by equipment margins since we are not a reseller. Our analysis is not tainted by corporate politics or industry pressure since we are a small independent firm, composed primarily of one principal engineer with a lot of experience. If you need to hire a big name to satisfy your boss, you've landed at the wrong spot on the internet. If you need to get the job done right the first time, or get the job that was botched up by the guy that got fired before they hired you fixed, give us a call.