Multimedia Engineering
  Budget and Timeline

"I fear explanations explanatory of things explained." Abraham Lincoln, during Lincoln/Douglas debates, 1858.

Whether your business is just starting up, or has made the decision to upgrade and modernize part or all of your information technology hardware or software, or is desiring to add a new rich media asset to your sales and marketing program, Multimedia Engineering can help you get there.

Once you are committed to exploring your multimedia options, there are several main challenges that immediately present themselves. First, tackling the push and pull of the Quality-Cost-Time triangle can be challenging. As sure as there is software to help you visualize your budget and estimate the time schedule, it is all pretty useless if the user is inputting information that is sketchy at best. Especially when your company wants and needs to move forward to remain competitive, team spirit is an essential ingredient. Be advised, however, that even the best ideas have gone down in flames because no one wanted to be the lone dissenting voice over time, cost or quality of a project that everyone is in favor of. Or worse, and is often the case, someone does speak up, but is ignored. Marketing tells the boss that it must be done to remain vertically strong and horizontally balanced, sales says it will be the poor farm if you don't, and engineering says it will be the poor farm if you do. Maybe it is time for some outside advice. Multimedia Engineering doesn't have all the answers, but we know where to go and who to ask to get good information, enough to help you focus on the feasibility of the project. Affordability, both time and money wise, is always up to you. Assurance of a quality system that performs to specifications can be an almost certainty if the money and time are there, It doesn't matter whether you are planning a 50 story building or a 50 page web site or a 50 minute DVD, if you don't have a good plan that is financially affordable, can be realized in a timely manner, and will perform to specification.... you don't have a plan.

Multimedia Engineering's background in rich media systems allows us to see your proposal from a position of experience. We have been designing and assembling and integrating technology for a long time, and can provide leverage for your workforce. We can take your project and go for it, placing the minimum possible drain on your internal resources. By filling what is for you a temporary need, we allow you to maintain the efficient use of your time and money. Multimedia Engineering can also offer you perspective on the vendors and resellers banging on your door since they got wind of your plans. We know the hard questions to ask them. Our technical depth on existing and future technologies can provide you with assistance on RFI's, RFP's, equipment evaluations, and even customized training.